Ideal Protein

Fundamentals of the Ideal Protein Protocol

The body has three sources of energy from which it draws to meet its metabolic needs:

Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat.

Chronologically, the body will first draw on its carbohydrate reserve before turning to protein and fat. 

During the weight loss phases of the Protocol, we limit carbohydrate intake to encourage the body to turn to its fat and protein components for energy.

By eating protein foods, the Protocol helps to support muscle mass and teaches you how to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices, to help maintain your weight after weight loss is achieved. 

The Ideal Protein Protocol is not a high-protein diet. It simply offers a variety of good, quality, protein-based foods that are easily assimilated. 

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a weight and lifestyle management protocol medically developed and based on validated science for safe weight loss. During the 3 phases of the protocol our weight loss coaches guide, encourage and work with dieters on their individual journeys towards healthier lifestyle living goals. It features one-on-one coaching, weekly personalized weight and measurement progress analysis and daily online support via the Ideal Protein App, offering access to coaching, cooking and fitness videos.

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