Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotics are designed to help reduce pain and improve comfort. By getting your feet scanned, you're taking the first step in feeling less pain and living a more comfortable and active life. After getting your feet scanned, Dr. Brad will go over your unique scan and show you how your feet are impacting the rest of your body.

The feet are the foundation of the body. They provide the necessary stability to perform daily activities by supporting the weight of the entire body using a strong, 3-arched bond called the plantar vault. 

The plantar vault provides numerous benefits:

Balances to the body
Propels us forward
Safely absorbs heel-strike shock
Adapts to walking and running stresses.

The Plantar Vault
The foot is made up of 3 bony arches. These 3 arches in the foot are what keep the body balanced:

Medial longitudinal arch (A–C)
Lateral longitudinal arch (B–C)
Anterior transverse (metatarsal) arch (A–B)

Together, these 3 arches form an extremely strong, supportive “plantar vault” that distributes the weight of the entire body.

Arch Collapse
Over time, one or more of your arches will weaken due to gravitational pressure. This process is completely natural, but can be expedited by injuries, a short leg, improper posture and naturally weak ligaments and tendons.

Once an arch or multiple arches have weakened, the weight of the body will shift away from the weakened arch and start to apply pressure and stress to the other arches, causing pain and other symptoms throughout the body.

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